"Just got this picture from a cousin of mine & would like to share it. I did all the annotations as was written on the original photo.
Can't be sure how accurate they are.

My best guess is that it is as early as Fall 1903 and and late as Fall 1904 based on the newspaper clipping
indicating that Maud was 18 at the time it was published. Maud was born 25 Jul 1885 which would have made her 18 on July 25, 1903,
about 5 weeks before school would have started for the fall term of '03. Another date indicator would be Eugene Jacobs.
He looks to be in the 2 to 3 years of age range. He was born 16 Aug 1901, making him 2 in August 1903.
Also, Willis Jacobs looks to be closer to 2 than 3, and he was born 29 Aug 1901.
So, I'm guessing the photo is probably the 1903-1904 school year. And, everybody is dressed for warm weather.
Eugene doesn't have any shoes on."

Submitted by: Meredith Leischer

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