Elijah Johnson and Elizabeth Sargent, tintype circa 1887

The people in this scanned copy of a tintype are (Front to Back, then Left to Right):

Front row, little boy, middle - Robert L.,
Front row, baby on Elizabeth's lap - Amanda Jane,
Second row, seated, on left - Elijah Johnson, (believed to be the son of Phillip Johnson and brother to Pleas Johnson),
Second row, seated, on right - Elizabeth Sargent,
Third row, left end - George W.,
Third row, middle (little girl) - Sarah Elizabeth, Esther Donahew's mother,
Third row, right side - Submitter's g-grandfather, Willis Johnson,
The sort of fourth row, the two girls - Ellen on the left and Mary on the right,
Back row, on the left is believed to be John Steel,
Back row, starting from the second from the left is - Charles, James Henry and William.
The last three of the back row are pretty much guesses.

Details of the family of Elijah Johnson are as follows:

Elijah Johnson, b. Feb 5, 1832;  d. Dec 9, 1917, buried in Greenhill Cemetery, Carter County, Ky
Elizabeth Sargent, b. Aug 30, 1845;  d. Mar 17, 1911, buried in Greenhill Cemetery, Carter County, Ky
James Henry, b. April 25, 1862;  d. April 1, 1924
Mary, b. Mar 30, 1864;  d. April 1, 1898
William, b. Jan 6, 1866;  d. Nov 4, 1931;  m. Sarah Tabor
John Steel, b. Feb 17, 1868;  d. Aug 1, 1940, buried in Tick Ridge Cemetery;  m. Amy Taylor
Charles, b. Oct 29, 1869;  d. Dec 1, 1940
Ellen, b. Feb 8, 1873;  d. Nov 18, 1891
Willis, b. Mar 13, 1875 in Carter County, Ky;  d. Oct 8, 1966;  m. Sarah Ellen Roe and Elvinia Cline (submitter's g-grandfather)
Sarah Elizabeth, b. Jan 6, 1877;  d. Oct 26, 1961;  m. George Edward Roe on May 22, 1887
George W., b. Dec 5, 1879;  d. April 1, 1951;  m. Mary Taber
Robert L., b. Aug 17, 1882;  d. Oct 31, 1935;  m. Melissa Parrish
Amanda Jane, b. Nov 23, 1885;  m. Dwight  Whitt

Submitted by Carolyn Gibson Kessler

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