Meredith Franklin Leadingham and Belva Adkins, circa 1935

Pictured is Rev. Meredith Franklin "M. F." Leadingham and Belva Adkins Leadingham.  Rev. M.F. was born April 5, 1905, in Carter Co., Ky.  He married April 29, 1925, Carter Co., Ky. to Belva "Bell" Adkins Leadingham.  Meredith was the son of Jesse Caudle Leadingham and Delilah Jane Wells Leadingham of Carter Co., Ky.  Meredith died April 27, 1994, in Greenup Co., Ky.  Belva Adkins Leadingham was born December 1907, at the Adkins Home Place on Shanty Branch, Carter Co., Ky.  She was the daughter of Frank Newberry Adkins and Anna Mary Stewart Adkins, of Shanty Branch, Carter Co., Ky.

Meredith and Belva had ten children:
1.  Hermia Beatrice "Bea" Leadingham Rouse, born Jan 28, 1926, Carter Co., Ky.  Married Edward "Ed" Lee Rouse Sep 20, 1946, in Boone Co., Ky.
2.  Imogene "Jean" Leadingham Elliott, born Feb 5, 1928 on Lick Creek, Music, Carter Co., Ky. Married Carl Elliott on Nov 25, 1949, in Boyd Co., Ky.
3.  Joseph "Joe" Earl Leadingham, born Feb 5, 1930, on Lick Creek, Carter Co., Ky. Married Lois Lee Elam Sep 26, 1953, in Kenton Co., Ky.
4.  Meredith Paul "Paul" Leadingham born July 8, 1932, on Lick Creek, Carter Co., Ky. Married Betty Doris Fannin on Oct 14, 1954 in Olive Hill, Carter Co., Ky.
5.  Jessie "Jesse" Franklin Leadingham, born June 19, 1934, on Lick Creek, Carter Co., Ky. Married Betty Jane Conley on December 19, 1953 in Greenup Co., Ky.
6.  Joyce Ann Leadingham Thompson, born May 7, 1937, at Mcandrews, Pike Co., Ky. Married Rev. Leon Emerson Thompson July 19, 1958, in Falmouth, Pendleton Co., Ky.
7.  Lawrence Everett Leadingham, born April 30, 1940, on Turner Ridge, Bracken Co., Ky. Married Emma Jean Marshall on March 23, 1963, in Falmouth, Pendleton Co., Ky.
8.  Pattie "Pat" Sue Leadingham Freeman, born July 25, 1942, on Salem Ridge, Bracken Co., Ky.  Married Rev. Larry Norman Freeman on Aug 25, 1961 in Falmouth, Pendleton Co., Ky.
9.  Donald "Don" Ray Leadingham, born June 2, 1947, in Falmouth, Pendleton Co., Ky.  Died December 18, 1998, in Odessa, Tx. Married Darlene Louise Gunter on Nov 12, 1966 in Odessa, Tx.
10.  Charles David "Dave" Leadingham, born Aug 31, 1949, in Boyd Co., Ky.  Married Mary Margaret Barnes on June 11, 1977, in Kenton Co., Ky.

Submitted by  Paul Leadingham

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