Nerva Leadingham and Stella Leadingham, 1927

Pictured in this photo are L to R, Nerva Leadingham Lowe and Stella Leadingham Mowery.  Nerva and Stella are wearing new dresses purchased on a shopping trip in Portsmouth, Ohio for the princely sum of $0.59 each.  This photo, originally black and white, has been recolored to represent the colors as remembered by Nerva Lowe.

Nerva (b. Jan 26, 1909) and Stella (b. Jun 9, 1907) were daughters of Nathan Leadingham and Isabelle Pennington (pictured herein above), of Beetle, Carter Co., Kentucky.

Nerva married Dec 23, 1933 Brady Southern Lowe, b. Jan 25, 1909, the s/o William Forrest Lowe and Cora Skaggs.  Their children were Charlotte Evelyn, Darlene Faye, Garrett Richard, Peggy Sue, and Tony Wayne.

Stella married 12 Apr 1935 George Frances Mowery, b. 1907, the s/o Joseph Oscar Mowery and Edna Turner.  Their children were Donald Eugene, Gloria Kay, William Joseph "Bill", Jane Ann, and Edna Belle.

Other children of Nathan and Isabelle were:  Hattie, James, Jessie, Nancy, Everett, Eva, Dollie, Earl, Russell, and Shirley.

Submitted by  Garrett and Sherry Lowe

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