Dorothy Nadine Lewis McBrayer

"This is a picture taken about 1927 - 28? It's of Nadine Lewis McBrayer and June Criswell".

Nadine Lewis McBrayer, about 1927.

"Mementoes from my mother's highschool days. Some of the napkins have signatures of people with whom she graduated:"

“The following is my mother's senior speech, "Where Do We Go From Here." It is a fun prediction of her classmates' futures. Lowell Lusby is listed, and as you know, Lowell Lusby, became the school's president. So it's all in fun. She really enjoyed life.”

My speech
By Nadine Lewis
It is the general opinion that Alfred will go to Heaven if he doesn’t die before he has time to repent.  
A very dignified preacher.

Mary a very fine looking young lady, who thinks nature has ordained that she shall be a poet, will never write    
another poem after she has turned her back on C.N.I.  In a few months she will join her brother in Ill. And become a singing evangelist.  
This “brother” is a coy. Whom she adores and we make fun of.  She gets inspired sometimes in the night and gets up and writes poetry.

Ira will probably go back to Milton d the girl that got married on him.  
The bachelor of the class that was disappointed in love this winter.

Lonnie from his earliest years has been fond of doing what he calls “stunts.”  
His bones seem to be made of India  rubber, and his various contortions have always been the delight to his classmates, often, 
also, eliciting the wonder of the physical culture teachers.  He has taken time by the forelock, and as soon as his graduation is an accomplished fact, 
he begins a years engagement with Sell’s Circus, and is advertised as the “world’s greatest contortionist.” 
The most dignified senior also a preacher.

Claudine who has been known throughout the school as a natural and skillful mixer of ribbons, straw and flowers, 
will open, on the day following her graduation, a millinery shop under the trade name of the “Three Dollar Hat Shop, No Two Alike.”  
And for her leisure moments and personal pleasure she may follow Kitchenette designing.  
Kitchen is a purple flower of hers and we tease her about the “kitchenette.”

As Lowell had a special padded cell reserved for him last Friday he will probably return to Lexington.  
The youngest member of our class and a regular monkey.  The cell is in the feeble minded inst.

Maurice McGlone famous author of the well-known book, “Bedtime stories of the world war.”

Herbert in the future will be found sitting among his souvenirs thinking of the God-e that took on a brighter Ray. 
His girl Goldia quit him for a boy named Ray.

The chances are that Nola will Park somewhere near Peoria. 
Parks is her fellow from Peoria, Ill.

Mr. Jordan will invent a new kind of baby carriage something similar to perpetual motion so that he will be spared pushing Jessie Winston to town.  
He will win worldwide fame for this and will travel abroad to sell them.
He never can attend our senior parties, etc. for tending to the baby, Jessie Winston

Mrs. Woamak, Safreed, Carroway and Lewis will continue their old successful occupation of child spanking and housekeeping.
All married and schoolteachers.

Ora will probably return to C.N.I. next year to help build up the college department.  
While there she will fall in love with Rupert and elope from the Dormitory window some niter.  
They will be married at some quiet little village and go straight on to Mo. Where they will homestead.  
The two most bashful people in school.

Leonard will return again not to “Kitty” but to “Bobby.”
In our play he was disguised as “Kitty” (me) and Robby was his real name in the play and Bobby 
is also a girl in school who he has had a serious love affair with and she quit him flat.

Delores will take her flight from N.Y. to Paris to engage in the world’s horseshoe tournament 
where she will no doubt win worldwide fame from ability acquired at C.N.I.  
She was the poorest player in the horseshoe organization.

Our much loved sponsor, Miss Sutherland, will go to Georgia where she will be engaged in raising “two kinds” of miniature T.
Tis her lover and he lives in Ga. And of course you know what the “two kinds of Miniature T.” is.

Last but not least, I suppose I will be the “skinny woman” in some circus where Lonnie’s manager will be saying, “10 cents a look.” 


Submitted by Jane Adams.

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