Theodore Adolphus Madden with his son Otho E. Madden in the background.

Theodore Adolphus Madden, the son of Matthew Madden and Sophia Estill, was born in Lewis County, Ky on May 25, 1855. He was a farmer and blacksmith and lived much of his life in Soldier, Carter County, Ky. He died on January 16, 1921 and is buried in the Eagle Hall Cemetery. Theodore's son, Otho E. Madden, was born August 24, 1880 and died on May 25, 1902. Otho died on his father's birthday. Otho is buried next to parents at Eagle Hall.

Based on Otho's date of death this photo must date to the 1895-1900 period.

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Submitted by: David Tucker

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