Abraham Maddix

Abraham Maddix was born ca1849 in Carter Co., Ky.. He married Dica (Dise) Hayes. Dica was born ca1851.
Abraham was the son of William H. Maddix and Eliza B. Neville.

Abraham and Dica had children:

Eliza A. Maddix, born 1873
John Maddix, born 1879
Sarah Maddix, born 1879
Myrtle Jane Maddix, born March 5, 1883

On the 1880 census, this family is listed as follows:

Abraham       31       born 1849
Dica          29            1851
Eliza A.       7            1873
John           1     12 May 1879
Sarah          1     12 May 1879

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Submitted by: Stella Newman

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