John Edward Messer

In the picture on the left, John Edward Messer is the one standing on the right. The picture on the right is also of John Edward Messer.
Both photos were taken in the 1920's.

"I am trying to find out the genealogy of the Messers and the Tabors. I am trying to find out where my Great Grandfather Thomas Jefferson Messer is buried and when he died. .

My Messer genealogy goes like this:"

Father – Lavern Messer was born in 1928 in Carter Co., Ky

John Edward Messer was born in 1896 in Knoxville, TN., but lived his life in Carter Co. Ky.. John married Ethel Tabor.

Thomas “Jefferson” Messer was born in 1835 in Knox Cty, Ky. He married Emily Dawson in 1858 in Carter Cty. He married Laura Mullins in 1890 in Carter Co., Ky.

Benjamin Messer was born in 1800 in Wythe Cty, Va..

John Messer was born in 1755 in Edgefield Cty, SC.

James Messer was born in 1735 in Edgefield Cty. SC.

"Ethel Tabor Messer was the daughter of Jasper Tabor of Olive Hill. Jasper and his sons were merchants and lived on Woodside in Olive Hill.
Jasper had several sons, but one, Lane, was always in trouble and eventually caused Jasper to lose all his money. My grandmother‘s mother was a Cherokee Indian. Mom said she was “captured” , however I don’t know if that is correct or not."

Submitted By Sue Bryant

John Edward Messer's WW1 Draft card

John Edward Messer's DC-1

Submitted By Randy Jackson

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