George Mowery and Jemima Elizabeth Staggs, photo circa 1910

George Mowery,
son of John and Mourning Matilda FisherMowery, born 11 Sep 1857 Carter County, died 4 July 1935 in Scioto County, OH. 
He was a tobacco farmer in Carter City.

Jemima Elizabeth Staggs, daughter of Rev. George W. Staggs and Mary Ann England
Born 9 Sep 1861 Greenup Co.   died 5 Jan 1947 Scioto Co., OH.

They had 11 children:
Calvin Edward Mowery (1883-1966)
Joseph A. Mowery (1885-1948)
Walter G. Mowery (1887-1947)
William Richard Mowery (1890-1949)
Arthur Boone "Shorty" Mowery (1893-1978)
Henry Morton Stanley Mowery (1894-1913)
Leonard H. Mowery (1896-1986)
George Daulton Mowery (1898-1967)
James Estle Mowery (1900-1964)
John Dock Mowery (1905-1960)
Rosella Mae Mowery (1907-1979)
Wince R. Mowery (1908-1973)

Submitted by  Chris Mowery

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