Sarah (Mullins) Wilcox

"Sarah (Mullins) Wilcox was the second wife of Isaiah Wilcox (1796-1870).
Sarah was born (according to various sources) between 1824 and 1830.
Sarah and Isaiah lived in Russell Co., VA, then Pike Co., KY.
They settled in Carter Co., KY in 1863, where two of Isaiah's children
(from his first marriage to Fannie Greer), Sidney (Wilcox) Houck and Samuel Wilcox, had already settled.
Sarah would remain in Carter County for the rest of her life.

In her old age, she lived for a time with her daughter, Catherine (Wilcox) Bryant.
At the time of the 1900 census she was living with her son, Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Wilcox.
She died in 1905, and was buried first on Deer Creek. The graves of Isaiah and Sarah (Mullins) Wilcox were later
moved to the East Carter County Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Grayson.

In the 1890s, Francis Marion Wilcox wrote the following in his journal regarding Sarah (Mullins) Wilcox:


The second wife of Isaiah Wilcox was as stated before a Miss Sarah Mullins, born March 1826
and a daughter of one John Mullins called, I believe, Chunky Bill.
He was a descendant of a tribe immigrating to Virginia in an early day and their name and number,
in and about the head of the Big Sandy River in Pike County, Kentucky and Wise County, West Virginia
is like the sands of the sea. The mother of Sarah was a Miss Temperance Blaylock, a daughter of
John Blaylock of Dee River, North Carolina who was a soldier in the Revolutionary War of 1776.
He proved to be a gallant brave soldier possessed of much true courage and daring that never knew
fear or shirk from performing a duty no matter how perilous.

To Isaiah and "Sallie" (Sarah) were born the following children: Dulcenia, Louisa, Andrew Jackson, Hiram,
Carolina, Thomas Jefferson, Isaiah and Catherine as well as one or two pair of twins that died in infancy
whose names I never knew. The above named offspring all reside in Carter County near Willard.
Carolina died some years ago. The boys are all good clean men and useful.

They are esteemed by me as good boys and should I never see them again, I wish them well,
also "Sallie" their aged mother who has often divided rations with me.
She was a woman possessed of much courage, tall, rather dark complected, black hair, black eyes,
stammered a little in speech and when roiled would say, "There's nary a Devil if I don't learn
you on which side your bread is buttered!" and 'twas only a word or a blow with her.
Her and grandfather lived agreeable. She was very kind and devoted to him all through his life.
Her nature was to be kind yet she lacked nothing in temper but could control it admirably.

"Sallie", after Grandfather died, remarried a man named Wright,
residing on the waters of the fork of the Little Sandy River near Willard, Carter County, Kentucky.
Wright died on or about the year 1888 and "Sallie" went to live with her son-in- law,
a Mr. Bryant, residing in Willard, Kentucky (whose wife was Catherine).

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Submitted by: Chris Robinson, a great-grandson of William and Anna D. (Harris) Wilcox"

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