William Finley Osborne

"I am standing between my maternal grandparents, William Finley Osborne (b. 5/9/1904 - d. 3/8/1994) and Golda Whitt (b. 10/24/1904). I am the oldest son of their oldest daughter, Virginia Lee (Osborne) Griffey (b. 12/31/1930). My sister, Cathy Lynn (Griffey) Burnett, (b. 4/11/1954) is sitting on my grandmother's lap. I believe this is circa summer 1954 at their home in Olive Hill. I believe the Stephens family (Olive Hill barber) still owns this house."

A picture of me with my maternal grandfather, William Finley Osborne
and a rather tame rooster at their farmhouse west of Olive Hill.

According to the writing on the picture back I was 4 years old which would put the timeframe as Summer 1957 (the shorts are another clue as to the season).

My grandfather appears to be feeding the rooster from out of his hand.

Photo submitted by: Dave Griffey

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