William Finley Osborne and William Theopolis Osborne

This picture is from my maternal side. It is my maternal grandfather, William Finley 'Finn' Osborne (1904-1994) and his father,
my great-grandfather, William Theopolis Osborne (1874-1933) in front of the family business.

I'm guessing this picture was taken in the early 1920s based on my grandfather's apparent age.

According to my great Aunt Virginia Osborne the building was located near the Clark Hill section of Olive Hill but across Tygart Creek at the Osborne bridge.
My mother has told me the bridge and building are long gone.  She admits she does not recall the precise location of the bridge or building.  
I do notice there is a railcar in the background on the leftside of the picture so that might be a clue as to location if someone knows of the 
existence of a city lot plan dated around the 1920-1935 timeframe.  Again referencing my great aunt William T. engaged in the lumber business 
starting in 1922 (which is probably when the picture was taken) and was apparently a very successful businessman from all reports.  
He was a highly respected citizen of Olive Hill until his death in 1933.  I have no information as to what happened to the business after his passing. 
Side Note 1: William T. (b. 11/29/1876 - d. 1/5/1933) and William F. (b. 5/9/1904 - d. 3/8/1994) both came to Carter County in 1910 from Wise County, VA, 
specficially the Clinch River Valley area.
Side Note 2: William T. ran unsuccessfully for Carter County sheriff as a Repubican in 1925.
Side Note 3: William T. is listed as being a member of the Soldier (KY) Masonic Lodge (#708) starting in 1912.

The following update was submitted on August 16, 2009 "My mother has told me her brother, my uncle, told her the building was located on Main Street (aka US Hwy 60) in Olive Hill. In fact it is the site of Parker's Carpet (261 West Tom T. Hall Boulevard) today."
Comment by John W. Grace: The site of the lumber business may be behind the present US Post Office, where "Plum Street" makes the turn and becomes Railroad Street.

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