Dolly Hazel Patton

Front row: Oak Fultz, Ruby Fultz Musgrave.

Back row: Dona Watkins Patton, Rose Patton Fultz, Dolly Hazel Patton Underwood.

"This Photo was taken in Carter Co. in 1916. Dona Watkins was the 3rd wife of Reece Patton. Dona was born in 1892, the daughter of Bess Watkins and step daughter of Amon Maddox.

Rose S. Patton Fultz was born in 1891, the daughter of John Patton and Nancy J. Oney. Rose was married to Jesse Fultz of Carter Co..

Oak and Ruby were the children of Rose and Jesse Fultz.

Dolly Hazel Patton Underwood was born 1895 in Carter Co., the daughter of Reece G. Patton & Mary Fitz Allen Perry. Hazel married Stanley Underwood of Carter Co.. Hazel died In 1940 of T.B..

Submitted by: Greg Marquess

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