John Bud Patton

Back row: Reece Patton, Jack Patton, Bun Patton.

Front row: Pearl Patton, Nancy Jane Patton, John B. Patton and Delila Patton.

"John B. Patton was born in Carter Co., the son of John Sizemore and Delia Sizemore. She was a Cherokee.

John and Delila had one other child out of wedlock.

This photo was taken about 1875, in Carter Co.. Nancy was the daughter of William Oney and Susanna Coburn of Floyd Co Ky."

John Bud Patton

"John Joined the Civil war in 1864 and served in the First Kentucky Cavalry. John was married to Nancy Oney, born 1848.

Their children were: Jack , Reece, Bun , Rose. Three children died at an early age: Pearl, Dolly and Ben. After Nancy's death, John married Bess Watkins."

Submitted by: Greg Marquess

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