Hattie Pelfrey is a daughter of John D. Pelfrey and Katie (Coffee) Pelfrey Porter.

After John Pelfrey died, Katie remarried Alex Porter.

Katie was the 3rd wife of Alexander Porter, married in 1908.

Submitted by: JC Porter

"Dearest mother, I will send you one of my beautiful 
pictures. When I got them, I was laying on the bed
and I didn't do a thing but cry when I looked
at them. They looked so bad, but mother I have
fallen (?) off six lbs since I had those
made. I fell off six lbs from last
Sunday (?) week til the next Saturday afternoon.
I weight 130 now. I went up to see the Dr. yesterday afternoon
and I had two degrees of fever. He seems like he
can't understand what causes me to have that
fever. But I have a high fever at night
and sweat til you could ring water out of
my clothes. But I felt some better this morning.
I wish I was up there with you a while.
But I don't no when that will be (?). But god be willing (?)
"..." till we meet again. Hattie. Love to all."

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