James Bud Pelfrey's uncle, Isaac T Pelfrey "Little Isaac" (about 1853-1918) and his wife Martha Nance (or Nantz) (about 1858-1925).

"I do not have pictures of James Bud Pelfrey's dad and mom (James Herbert Pelfrey Sr. about 1857-1895) and Anabelle (Isabelle
or Mary Isabelle) Nance (or Nantz) (about 1860-1935) but since the the two people in this picture (Isaac & Martha) are brothers and sisters of
Bud Pelfrey's Mom & Dad (James & Anabelle). Isaac & James are brothers who married sisters Martha & Anabelle. And Since there is a strong
Pelfrey family resemblence the face of Isaac is probably very similiar to his brother James Herbert Pelfrey. And Since Martha & Anabelle
are sisters whose mother Mary Nance (Nantz) (born 1835) is supposed to be a full blooded Cherokee Indian the sisters faces are probably >very similiar also."

"Ruby's grandmother Anabelle (Isabelle or Mary Isabelle Pelfrey) who was living near Olive Hill on Tick Ridge when she died one week after her son
Bud Pelfrey was killed in 1935. I can find no record of her but I do have several first name spellings and two maiden last name spellings
(Nance & Nantz). She should be buried in the Old Fairview Cemetery and there should be a death certificate with Carter County.
I really want to find any record of is Anabelle's mother Mary Nantz (Nance)."

Submitted by: JC Porter and Debra Debeers

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