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Photo courtesy of Gary Pelfrey (s/o Everett, s/o Eva, d/o Steve Porter, s/o AJP) and Tim Pelfrey (s/o Max, s/o Eva, d/o Steve Porter, s/o AJP)

James Herbert “Bud” Pelfrey & Eva Porter Pelfrey Family (d/o Rev. Steve Porter & Emily Bumgardner) 1925

Back - L-R Clyde Collins (Ruby's husband), Ruby, Earl, Eva holding James Jr.
Front L-R Lillian, Marvin (Doc), James "Bud" Sr., Elwood, Maxwell, Edward

Yet to arrive - Warren (1927), Wilma (1929), Doris (1932)

Already deceased - Kermit (1914)

Gary Pelfrey says that Earl died the year this picture was taken (1925)

 Link to a Pelfrey biography written by Ruby Jewell (Pelfrey) Collins

Neal Salyers of Globe, just sent me the following from the Carter County newspaper. It is the newspaper article describing Bud Pelfrey's death.

Ruby Collins told her version in her autobiography. She was the daughter of Bud Pelfrey and Eva Porter.


Probably about the most serious accident happened at the General Fefractories Company Monday afternoon, that has happened here in twenty years,
and about the most unexpected and the least thought of.

W.M. Donovan, one of the inspectors was standing in the entrance of the kiln, and he , in making his escape, thinks he was thrown by the swirl
of the falling brick out onto the landing where the brick were loaded into the cars for shipment.
Bud Pelphrey, aged 49, an old and steadfast employee of the Company, was caught beneath the falling brick and crushed, and,
although rushed to Grayson to the Stovall Hospital, died within a few moments after he reached there.

Figuring these brick as to weight, they would average about 56 pounds to the brick, and this would represent a weight of near 25 tons.

Submitted by: JC Porter

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