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This tin type originally belonged to my great grandmother, Sena (Hall) Porter (1884-1964),
who was married to Jasper Porter (1879-1944).

The picture was given to their daughter Geneva (Porter) Erwin.
Geneva gave the original tin type to J. C. Porter. It is now in my possession.

I was looking through Randall Perry's posted pictures a while back and came across this picture and thought it looked familiar.

We put both pictures together, overlaid them and are 95% positive this Oliver Hazard Perry and our unknown tin type are the same person.
It even makes sense, because our original tin type was in the possession of Francis Perry Hall
and passed down to her daughter Senia Hall Porter and down to her daughter Geneva Erwin Ingram of Globe.

This Oliver Hazard Perry was a cousin to Francis Perry Hall.

Submitted by: JC Porter

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