Laura B. Mullins and Stanford "Stant" T. Phillips, photo circa 1920

Stant Phillips was born in 1846 in Tennessee, the family moved to Carter County in 1850 and he lived the rest of his life in Carter County.   He was a farmer until late in his life when he worked at the brickyard in Olive Hill.  He was the son of Theodore Phillips, born abt. 1813, of NC and Sarah Elizabeth King.  Theodore  was also married to Nancy Parker and possibly one other woman. < p>Theodore's children were:
Stanford  b. 1846 in TN
Laura A. b. 1848 in TN
Eliza b. 1849 in TN
Thomas b. 1850 in TN
Mary b. 1851 in KY
Harvey b. 1856 in KY
Rebecca b. 1859 in KY
George b. 1861 in KY

Stant Phillips and Sarah Patton married abt. 1864.  They had the following children, all born in Carter County:
Thomas Wesley b. 1867 d. Dec 5, 1894 m. Viola Williams < br>Molly b. 1869 m. Cowan Jessie
Laura b. 1870, d. July 30, 1926, never married, never attended school, had trouble with her speech
William "Bill" b. 1872
Elizabeth "Eliza" b. 1867 m. Frank Maddox
Dora b. 1878 m. Amos Saunders
Shannon b. ???
Bailem b. 1879
Watt Winfield b. 1882 , d. March 8, 1947m. Lulu Boggs, worked at the brick yard in Olive Hill
John Milton b. July 31,1885, d. May 20, 1938 in Kanawha County, WV, m.
Letha King, moved to WV in the early 1920s to work in the coal mines

Sarah Patton Phillips died in 1905 and is buried in Eagle Hall Cemetery in Carter County.

After Sarah's death, Stant married Laura B. Mullins and they had the following child:
Wylie, who married Hazel ???

Stant died October 15, 1925 and is buried in Eagle Hall Cemetary in CarterCounty

Sarah "Sallie" Patton and Stanford "Stant" T. Phillips, photo circa 1885

Submitted by  Mark and Leigh Workman

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