Roy Porter (s/o AR "Bob" Porter, s/o Levi, s/o Andrew J. Porter) and children 
Roy Porter [12620] was born on 7 Apr 1898 in Jacobs KY, died on 24 Jan 1943 in Elton WI at age 44, and was buried in Bent Cemetery, Bryant WI.
1) Gladys Porter [22943] was born on 24 Apr 1922 in Elton WI, died in Sep 2006 in Appleton WI at age 84, and was buried in Lutheran Cemetery, Greenville WI.
Gladys married Lester G. Kuehling [22944] [MRIN: 507387822], son of Walter Kuehling [22958] and Edna *Unknown [22959], on 8 Apr 1948. 
Lester was born on 21 Apr 1920 in WI and died on 28 Sep 1956 in Tomahawk, Lincoln WI at age 36.

2) Robert "Bob" Porter [22945] was born on 19 Dec 1927 in Hillsboro KY.
Robert married Mary Patricia McCarthy [22946] [MRIN: 507387823] on 3 Nov 1956 in Naval Hospital Chapel, San Diego CA. 
Mary was born on 3 Mar 1929 in Sommerville MA.

3) Mildred Ann Porter [22947] was born on 17 Nov 1932 in Elton WI, died on 29 Oct 1981 at age 48, and was buried in Oshkosh WI.

4) Roy Porter Jr. [22949] was born on 4 May 1938.
Noted events in his life were:  Marriage Fact: Wisconsin Marriages. Roy Porter, b. 1938, age 57 married Nancy Ellen
Burmeister, b. 1937, age 58 on 11 May 1995 Outagamie WI. C#008047 Microfilm #21.
 U.S. Public Records Index: Roy Porter b. 4 May 1938. W3195 High St., Seymour WI 54165.
Roy married Joan C. Able [22950] [MRIN: 507387825] on 14 Feb 1959. Joan was born on 23 Mar 1938 and died on 8 Jun 1990 in Outagamie WI at age 52. 

Roy Porter's Store (summer picture)

Bob Porter (s/o Roy, s/o AR Bob, s/o Levi, s/o AJP) told me that his dad bought this General Store in Elton, WI around 1928.
He sold it in 1937 and moved to a farm.

Two years later he opened another store.

Roy Porter's Store - Winter picture

Submitted by: JC Porter and Donna Pelfrey Byrd

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