Ollie (Proctor) Prichard

Grandmother Prichard's 85th birthday in 1956. The twins are Ellen and Jane Dansby. I am standing next to Great Gram. Dr Larry Fields is in the bowtie. Behind him (R to L) is Becky Rucker, then John Dansby, then Linda (Piper Evans) McDonald and James McDonald. "I used to love to go out to the old farm then."

Ollie was the daughter of Francis Proctor and Rebecca Underwood. Francis' father was Jeremiah Proctor and his mother was Mary Stanclift. Rebeccas father was James Underwood, brother to George Underwood, from the Underwood Feud stories. My Great Aunt(Mary Francis Johnson (87 years) remembers Rebecca (her Great GrandMother) and taking walks with her as a child in the 20's. She said they were "best buds".

Submitted by: Ellen McMeekin

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