William K. Reeder and Carrie Jessie, circa 1939

Pictured is William K. Reeder and Carrie Jessie.  This photo taken in Carter County no later than 1940.  William K.Reeder was born June 23,1881 in Carter Co.  He was the son of John Park Reeder and Sarah Ann Wilburn Reeder.  Carrie was born June 22, 1887 in Carter Co.  She was the daughter of David M. Jessie and Arvilla Ray Jessie.  William and Carrie were married Feb. 23,1910 in Boyd Co.  William died Feb.7, 1965 in Boyd Co. and Carrie died June 23, 1943 in Boyd Co.

William and Carrie had eight children all born in Carter Co.:
Floyd Earl James, born June 10, 1905
Larence A., born Nov. 23, 1910
Atha May, born June 19, 1913
Arthur P., born Sept.27, 1915
Laura Edna, born July 10, 1918
Violet, born Sept.25, 1920
Bertha C., born July 25, 1923
Stella Cleo, born Oct. 5,1925.

Submitted By Becky Glover Kendall

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