This is a photo of Alfred Franklin Rice, Orba Francis (Bays) Rice, and their granddaughter, Paula Rice, taken in 1940.

Larger image of this photo.

"Alfred Franklin Rice was born April 25, 1887 in Willard Kentucky. He died September 26, 1961. His wife, Orba Francis Bays, (I saw her name listed as Orba Francis Arlett on one site) was born June 25, 1890. She died of a heart attack when her house burned. We don't have any information about their parents. My cousin Greg was Paul's grandson but Paul was killed by lightening before his baby, Greg's mother Paula, was born."

"All the people Greg knew who might have had information about the family are now gone except for a great aunt Nancy Mullins who still lives in the area. The few names we have are - Rudy and Earl, Gus and Vivian, Charlotte, and Nannie, but I'm not sure how they fit into the picture. Greg has fond memories of visiting his great-grandparents in KY when he was a young child."

"Gus and Vivan are acouple that live in Grayson,Gus died but Vivan is alive,Vivan is my Granny Rice sister daughter,I don't know the last names. Raymond and Charlotte died in a car accident in dec 95,Raymond is the brother of Nancy Mullins,Raymond house was at bottom of the hill where Logan bay graveyard is. His daughter Judy owns it now,Nancy mullins mother Mindy and Granny Rice were sisters,She is still alive in grayson,Her daughter was shot at the Carter High school ,Deanna Mcdavid."

Submitted by Judy Shelton and Greg Leverett

These photos were among a group of previously unidentified individuals, known to be Rice - related.
The photos were given to me by Aletha Vlasek at the Rattlesnake Ridge Genealogy Club meeting on April 26, 2008.

David Tucker did some investigation and seems to have resolved the question of these two...


You posted some photo's on the 27th identified as 11 Rice or Rice related unknowns. I am not related to them but as an exercise 
I checked on the two photo's identified only as Uncle Alf and Aunt Arba. I think I may have identified them but will leave it to you to make a decision. 

The Old Cemetery Index shows:

Alford Rice                April 25, 1887 to Sept. 26, 1961    Bays Cemetery

Orba Francis Rice    June 26,  1890 to Jan.    9, 1962    Bays Cemetery

In the 1930 census of Carter County they are enumerated in the Hitchens area as Alfred F. Rice and Arba F. Rice and have an adopted son James Paul Rice. 
I found a James Paul Rice also buried in the Bays Cemetery on the Old Cemetery Index. He died in 1935 and his obituary is shown on the Carter Page. 
He died of a lightening stike and although only 17 years of age was married at the time of his death. Note in the obituary that James Paul Rice's wife 
is identified as Mary Francis Finney Rice. This might mean that the Paula and Francis Rice, wife and daughter of Paul Rice photo COULD BE the wife 
and daughter of James Paul Rice who was killed. If so the daughter Paula was probably born after his death since she is not mentioned in the obit. 
This is just a possibility that might be verified in some other manner. 

In the 1920 census of Carter County they are enumerated in the Hitchens area although her name is spelled Orba. At that time James P. is shown 
as their son and is 1 4/12 years of age. They are living next to James B. Rice (64) and Lizzie (63). 

In the 1910 census of Carter County they are enumerated as part of the Olive Hill precinct. Alfred is shown as 22 years of age and his wife is 
shown as Orbie F. Rice, 19 years of age. They are living just a couple of houses from a Charles W. Rice who is 38 years of age and his family. 

In the 1900 census of Willardtown 12 year old Alfred is shown as the son of Jas B. and Lizzie Rice both 43 years of age.
So it appears that the James B. and Lizzie he is living next to in the 1920 census are his parents. 

Hope this a help to someone. 


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