Samuel Rice, Bobby Gee and Mr. Gee

Old Soldier's Day

Mildred Harris Glass (3 Apr 1919 – 14 Aug 1992) (d/o George and Edna Kibbey Harris) of Everman’s Creek stated:

 “Old Soldier’s Day was held at Union Church (all demoninations) close to Chloe’s house (Chloe Huffman Callihan) at Iron Hill.  
They spread tablecloths on the ground. There was singing and preaching all day at the church.  Everyone would dress up in their finest to go.  
The event was held once a year on the Sunday before Decoration (Memorial) Day.”

Hattie Huffman Kitchen (16 Aug 1906 – 18 June 1998) (d/o Elias Finley and Minnie Pearl Brown Huffman) stated:

“This picture is of Old Soldier’s Day at the church at Iron Hill.  
I believe the gentleman in the middle is Bobby Gee and Mr. Gee is on the right”.  

Supporting info. regarding Iron Hill area obtained from History of Carter Co. (Bicentennial Edition):  

“The old community church building stood directly behind the present Church of Christ.  This old church closed in 1956.  
The land for a new building was donated by Chloe Callihan”.

Cozetta Everman Bond of Carter Co. has a copy of this photo. Her aunt, Ruth Everman Webster, had written on the back:

“Last 3 old soldiers at Iron Hill Old Soldier’s Day.  Uncle Sam Rice on the left with long whiskers – married Grandma (Sarah) Everman’s sister Lydie.”

Info. from copy of Sam Rice obituary obtained from Cozetta Everman Bond: 

“Sam Rice was a Civil War soldier on the side of the Union Forces”.  

Samuel Rice was born July 25, 1847 and died Feb 3 1928.  The obituary stated his service was officiated by W.D. Gee.  
I am unsure if W.D. Gee could be related to the Gee men referred to by Hattie Huffman Kitchen 
as possibly being the two Civil War veterans to the right of Sam Rice in the photo.  

This picture came from negatives that were in the collection of Walter and Emma (Davis) Huffman of Charlotte
She and Walter lived on Tygart Creek Rd. near Charlotte Furnace (Iron Hill). 
Emma was the local photographer and amassed a large collection of photos of family and neighbors.  
Her son, Junious, told my mother that he thought the photo was of "Old Soldier's Day".  Most of Emma's Davis family lived in downtown Grayson.  

I would have to dig for Emma's birth & death date (she is buried in the Huffman Cemetery on Tygart Creek Rd.) 
Her sons were close in age to my grandfather and he was born in 1917.  

Submitted by: Cindy Collier

What a wonderful picture. To view an Americana photo like this direct from 
the negative is marvelous. Note the way the flag was tied to the tree so it 
would serve as a backdrop. Note also the homemade flagstaff.

For as long as they lived, civil war veterans were honored guests at 
holiday functions such as Independence day or Memorial day. Until they 
dwindled out in the 1930's they were treated like rock stars or sports 
celebrities are treated today. Memorial day, in fact, was started in 1868 
to honor their fallen brethren.

The flag they are holding appears to be a 45 star flag that would date the 
photo to between 1896 and 1908.

I hope Cindy has more like this to send our way.

Submitted by: Glen Haney

Samuel (Sam) Rice, (25 July 1847 - 3 Feb 1928), Lydie Anna (Huffman) Rice (15 July 1847 - 5 Nov 1927) (wife of Sam Rice), 
and Sarah Allen (Huffman) Everman (10 July 1855 - 4 Jan 1945) (wife of James Lee Everman).  

Lydie and Sarah were sisters, the daughters of Allen and Sarah (Warnock) Huffman.  
Photo taken early 1900's at Sarah's home at Iron Hill.  
Walter was the grandson of Allen and Sarah (Warnock) Huffman and a nephew of Lydie and Sarah.

Sam Rice's obituary mentioned that he was a Mason and notice that he is wearing a Masonic apron. 

Submitted by: Cindy Collier

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