Bobby karoll Ross

Bobby Karoll Ross in his US Army uniform. Bobby was stationed in Korea.

Bobby was a son of Dempsey French Ross and Talma Virginia (Fitzpatrick) Ross.

Bobby was born June 30, 1929 in Jackson, Ohio, and died at 4:20 AM on August 8, 1999 while living in Waverly, Ohio.

Upper photo: Bobby Karoll Ross home on leave at family home at McKittrick Heights, Jackson Co., Ohio

Lower photo: The day Bobby came home after being discharged from the US Army. John Wesley Grace is standing behind him.

I believe this photo was taken in 1952. I'm not sure of the location. Probably in Columbus, Ohio.

The car parked to Bobby's right in the lower photo belonged to Dempsey Ross (note the bug deflecter on the hood of the car).

Wedding annoucement for Bobby Ross and Ann Black.

Bobby Ross, late 1940's.

Bill Bowman and Bobby Ross at Aunt Atry's homestead.

Bobby Ross, Juky 4, 1937. Taken at Artie Tennant's house in Jackson Co., Ohio

Engagement annoucement for Bobby Ross and Ann Black.

Bobby Ross is sitting on the left, his brother Frank is standing on the right.

Identity of the girls is not known.

Bobby Ross is on the right, front row.

Jackson, Ohio High School

Bobby Karoll Ross

Ross family reunion, Waverly, Ohio, 1997.

Sitting on ground (l-r): Scott Haldeman; John Teferra Grace; Grant Haldeman; Missy Ross(?)

Standing (l-r) Jennifer Henson; Paula (Tulga) Haldeman; David Henson (behind Paula); Jame Haldeman; Paul Tulga (behind James);
John Joseph Henson (behind Paul); Erla (Ross) Wilson (looking down); unknown behind Erla; unknown behind her; Ann (Black) Ross;
Bobby K. Ross; Isabelle (Ross) Henson (seated in front of Bobby); Marguerite (Lewis) Ross (seated); Betty (Ross) Tulga (seated);
John Henry Henson (behind Marguerite); Frank Denver Ross; Rose Mary (Martin) Ross; Kay (Ross) Johnston.
John W. Grace was behind the camera.

Submitted by  John Grace

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