Dempsey French Ross

Talma and Dempsey Ross at their home on McKittrick Heights, Jackson, Ohio. Photo was taken about 1950.

Dempsey is in the front row, right end.

This is a photo of the Deacons of the First Baptist Chucrh, Jackson, Ohio.

Photo was taken in the late 1950's or early 1960's.

Dempsey Ross at his home on McKittrick Heights, Jackson, Ohio.

This house (to Dempsey's right) has been somewhat re-modeled, but was still standing in 2005.

"The house had a well in the back yard and an out house a lettle further back.
Talma captured rain water off of the house roof to do her laundry. She used an old wash board.
Dempsey had a cow, a pig and several chickns, including a pretty "Banny" rooster.

"He scared me to death when he used a hoe handle to hold down a hen and then cut it's head off with a hachet.
The hen jumped up and flopped around with no head! I ran like the devil was after me!!"

Dempsey French Ross and Talma Virginia Fitzpatrick.
This photo may have been taken about the time they were married in 1918.

Dempsey French Ross was born in Carter Co.,Ky., the son of Jeremiah Jacob Hunt Ross and Sarah Alice Campbell.

Dempsey Ross and his daughter, Betty Ross. Photo taken in Jackson Co., Ohio, circa 1939.

This house had the same roof on it in 1999 as it had in 1939. It was known as "Artie Tennant's house".

Dempsey and the family lived there when Mom graduated from high school in 1939.

Dempsey French Ross and Talma (Fitzpatrick) Ross. Photo taken in Jackson Co., Ohio, circa 1960.
Their home was 9 Lady Avenue in the Fisher Addition. The house was new when they purchased it in 1952.

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Dempsey at the Crown Pipe and Foundry Company, August 1937

Ross family reunion picnic at Rocky Fork Lake in Ohio.

Front row l-r: Wayne Jacob Ross; Frank Denver Ross; John Wesley Grace

Back row l-r: Isabelle (Ross) Henson; Talma Virginia (Fitzpatrick) Ross; Dempsey French Ross; Bobby Karroll Ross.

Photo taken in July 1958 (probably July 4th).

"August 15, 1937"

Left to right: Betty Ross, Frank Ross (boy with belt), Bob Ross (boy on the right, sitting), Dempsey Ross (tallest man), Talma Ross (front right of Dempsey)
The other people are unknown to me.

Submitted by  John Grace

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