Jeremiah Jacob Hunt Ross

Jeremiah Jacob Hunt Ross (left rear)
Dempsey French Ross (right, rear); Bertha Ross Hartley (second from right, rear);Talma Virginia Fitzpatrick Ross (third from right, rear)
Betty M. Ross (front left); Isabelle Ross, behind Betty); Bobby Ross (front left head down)
Frank Ross (front, third from right, head down); Allestine Ross (front, right); photo taken in 1936 or 1937

Dempsey and Bertha were Jeremiah's children; Talma was Dempsey's wife; Betty, Isabelle, Bobby and Frank are Dempsey's children. Bertha married George Frank "Dutch" Hartley. Allestine was Bertha's daughter.

photo circa 1925
Jeremiah Jacob Hunt Ross (sitting, center with hat back)
Earl Jones (standing, left end ); Zona Jones (seated, left end); Wayne Ross (standing, looking to right)
Dempsey Ross (standing behind Jeremiah Ross); Isabelle Ross (standing to right of Jeremiah Ross)
Alice Jones (standing to right and behind Jeremiah Ross); Talma Fitzpatrick Ross (standing behind, and to the right of Alice Jone)
Emma Ross Jones (standing, to the right and in front of Talma); Sarah Campbell Ross (seated with baby on her lap)
Betty Ross (baby on Sarah's lap); Dovie Jones (probably, standing on right end)

Jeremiah Ross and grandaughter, Kay Ross (daughter of Wayne Ross), photo circa 1942

Jeremiah Ross and grandaughter,Isabelle Ross (daughter of Dempsey Ross), photo circa 1948, taken at their McKittrick Heights, Jackson, Ohio home.

Jeremiah Jacob Hunt Ross was born Oct. 22,1856 in Carter Co.,Ky., the son of John Nelson Ross and Nancy Kinnamon. Jerry died June 4, 1949 in Jackson, Ohio. He married Sarah Alice Campbell and had children named: Myrtle, Clifton, Emma, Arthur, Bertha, George,William, Ethel, Charles, Charlotte and Dempsey.

Jeremiah Ross and grandaughter,Isabelle Ross.

Larger image of this photo.

Larger (unre-touched) version of this photo.

Jeremiah Ross and Sarah Alice (Campbell) Ross.

This may be when or soon after they were married.

Submitted by  John Grace

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