Wayne Jacob Ross was born in Carter Co., Ky., the son of Dempsey French Ross and Charlotte Grizzell.

This photo was taken at the home of his parents, Dempsey and Talma (Fitzpatrick) Ross, on McKittrick Heights, Jackson Co. Ohio.

Photo taken around 1949-1951.

Front row (l-r): Helen Fitzpatrick; Virginia Bowman; Betty Ross;

Rear row (l-r): Everett Bowman; Margueritte Lewis; Wayne Ross; Esther Bowman; Margaret Fitzpatrick; Isabelle Ross

Caption implies that Isabelle is second from the right. She is definitely the one on the right end, so I listed Margaaret to her left...(J W Grace)

"Margueritte & Wayne, Virginia Bowman & Howard H??? went to Ky. to get married"

August 1935.

Wayne Jacob Ross, Jackson (Ohio) High School, 1931

Wayne's home in Florida

Submitted by: John W. Grace - jwgrace99 at yahoo.com

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