Michael Horton Rucker, 2 years old
circa 1937

Kay Mason writes:

"I found this picture amongst my grandfather's old photos. Michael Horton Rucker was the son of Lake Horton, who was the daughter of Elijah (Elige) Horton and Elizabeth (Eascie) McDavid. Eascie was my grandmother's sister.

Eleanor Brewster writes:
Michael Horton Rucker was born 17 November 1935 the son of Emma Lake McDavid born 26 September 1912 and John Paul Rucker.
Emma Lake Horton was the daughter of Elijah Horton and Elisabeth Eacie McDavid.
John Paul Rucker was the son of John Debard Rucker and Grace Yates. Grace was a sister to the Carter County Attorney, Tom Yates in Grayson Their mother was a McDavid.

According to his daughter, Nancy Horton Fannin, this picture was taken at about the time that he was given to grandparents Elijah and Eascie Horton for adoption due to the divorce of his parents. Michael married Doris Durham of West Virginia and had three children and eight grandchildren.

Submitted by: Kay Mason

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