Willie and Malcolm Snipes

This photo was taken circa 1920.

Willie and Malcolm were among the children of Lilburn Henderson Snipes and Della Holbrooks. Willie (3/29/1894 - 2/9/1980) lived for many years off Smith Run Road on what is now called Lavender Lane. His wife Vina Webb and his parents are both buried at the cemetery on Lavender Lane. Family tradition has it that Willie made his living as a moonshiner, and that the field where he kept his field had a rut a foot deep at the entrance, from all the people coming from miles around to buy his whiskey. Many years later, Willie moved to Mansfield, Ohio, where he was buried when he died in 1980.

Della Holbrooks was the daughter of Robert Nelson Holbrook(s) and Sarah Francis Hamilton of Elliott County, KY.

Submitted by: Mark Jordan

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