Ashby Fairchild Sparks

Ashby Fairchild Sparks was born on 19 Apr 1866 in Elliott Co, Ky.
He died on 3 Apr 1947 and was buried in Newell Cemetery, Grahn, Carter Co, KY.

Ashby was a farmer and also taught "singing schools." A singing-school was made up of adults that
would take a series of singing lessons, usually in a group at a church or school. Ashby and Mandy lived
near Stark, KY and their children attended the Bunker Hill School located on Beech Br. of Little Caney
Creek. In 1916, they sold their farm in Elliott Co. and moved to a farm in Carter Co. Ky located between
Aden and Gregoryville, KY. They raised cattle and tobacco.

Ashby married Amanda Ann Mauk, daughter of William Mauk and Mary America "Meck" Harper on 4 Feb 1889.
Amanda was born on 26 Jul 1870. She died on 13 Jul 1937 was buried in Newell Cemetery, Grahn, Carter Co, KY.

They had the following children:

i. Sarah Etta Sparks was born on 22 Nov 1892. She died on 19 May 1963.
ii. Ella May Sparks was born on 15 Jul 1894. She died on 20 Oct 1918.
iii. John Will Sparks was born on 13 Oct 1896. He died on 21 Jun 1978.
iv. Minard Dewell Sparks was born on 20 Feb 1899. He died on 27 May 1996.
v. James Allen Sparks was born on 16 Feb 1901. He died on 30 Jul 1971.
vi. Hugh Russell Sparks was born on 10 Jun 1903. He died on 12 Oct 1991.
vii. Ora Lee Sparks was born on 6 Dec 1905. He died on 26 Oct 1918 in the flu epidemic and was buried in Newell Cemetery, Grahn, Carter Co, KY.
viii. Nancy Jane Sparks was born on 27 Jun 1907. She died in 1982.
ix. Addie Easter Sparks was born on 27 Mar 1910. He died on 4 Aug 1984.
x. Daughter Sparks was born on 21 Mar 1920. She died on 21 Mar 1920.
xi. Juanita Sparks was born on 13 Jun 1927.
Juanita married Clyde Stevens, son of Jesse Stevens and Mary Roberts. Clyde was born on 26 Sep 1914 in Carter Co, Ky.
xii. Son Sparks was born on 18 Sep 1929. He died on 18 Sep 1929.

Submitted by: Mike Barker

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