In this photo, Glenn Sparks, the son of Ernest Sparks and Naomi (Kiser) Sparks, is standing in front of their photo.

I was visiting with Glenn on August 28, 2007 when he offered to see if there were any old newspapers
in a storage shed next to his home. In the shed, I happened to see this photo hanging on the wall.
The photo is in a glass frame and I couldn't see a way of safely removing it, so I took these photos through the glass.
They didn't turn out very well, but I plan on returning and making an attempt to copy it with my scanner.

Ernest Sparks was born on Aug. 20, 1898 and died on March 6, 1962. He is buried at Tick Ridge Cemetery, Carter Co., Ky.
Ernest was the son of Hansford Crawford/Crockett Sparks (Nov. 1873-1953) and Lula F. Holbrook (Aug. 1879-1959).

Naomi Kiser was born July 14, 1898 and died Dec. 9, 1976. She is buried at Tick Ridge Cem., Carter Co, Ky.
Naomi was the daughter of Ulysses S. Grant Kiser (21 Oct 1858-25 Nov 1961) and Jessie Burton Ross (Nov. 8, 1874-1898).

Ernest and Naomi had 3 children: Glenn (born July 4, 1923); Arlon (1925-1965); John (born Nov. 24, 1927)

The boy standing on he left would be Glenn, John is on Naomi's lap, and Arlon is standing between Naomi and Ernest.

The ages of the children would date this photo in the summer of 1928.

Submitted by: John W. Grace and Glenn Sparks

"This is a copy of my picture. My picture has darkened with time, so I used the auto correct key on it."

"My picture is one of the postcard photo types that was popular at one time, and has been kept in a cardboard box all of these years."

Joann Evans

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