George Winfield Sparks

George Winfield Sparks was the son of Nelson Sparks and Margaret "Peggy" Mauk.

Margaret was born on 8 Jun 1820 in Wilkes Co, NC or VA. She died on 14 Jan 1897 in Elliott Co,KY.
Margaret married Nelson Sparks, the son of Levi "Wolf" Sparks and Sarah Lyon on 14 Mar 1843 in , Carter, Kentucky.

Nelson Sparks was born in 1818 in Wilkes Co, NC. He died on 11 Sep 1874 in Olive Hill, Carter, KY. Nelson was murdered by Calvin Scott. He was shot to the head.

Nelson and Margaret had the following children:

Peter P. Sparks was born about 1844. He died on 20 Aug 1882.

Perlina A. "Peggy" Sparks was born about 1846. She died in 1910.

John Elliott Sparks was born on 22 Jun 1847. He died on 17 Feb 1910.

Sarah Margaret Sparks was born about 1849 in Carter Co, KY. She died after 1910. Sarah married George Washington Bare, son of Peter Bare and Christina Knipp, about 1880.
George was born on 12 Oct 1853 in Carter Co, KY.

Leander C "Brud" Sparks was born about 1851. He died on 17 Jul 1919.

Frederick Mauk Sparks was born on 1 May 1853. He died on 20 May 1906.

Levi C. Sparks was born on 2 Jun 1855 in, Carter, Kentucky. He died on 22 Sep 1856 in KY.

Louisa Jane Sparks was born on 3 May 1857. She died on 10 Mar 1934.

Martha F. Sparks was born about 1857. She died after 1910.

George Winfield Sparks was born on 9 Apr 1862. He died on 27 Nov 1932.

"I heard that Nelson Sparks was shot on election day. That he got up that morning and told his family that he was going into Olive Hill to vote, and that for some strange reason, that he felt like that he would never see his home again, and that he would never hold his family close again. I also heard that Nelson and Calvin were on their way home and had bought some wine, and were enjoying the wine. I have heard that Nelson made a statement that Calvin had a beautiful wife, and he just turned and shot Nelson dead, just a little way from Nelson's house, and that his morning statements came true, he never saw his home again, nor held his family dear to him.

It is also true that the two families as of the 1960's still had bad blood between them."

Submitted by: Mike Barker

The following information was provided by another Sparks researcher:

George Winfied Sparks married Lucinda Sargeant on 14 SEP 1883 in Elliot Co., KY.. “Cindy” was born on 25 March 1862 in Ohio Co., KY and died 3 February 1939 in Olive Hill, Carter, KY.. She was buried in Olive Hill, Carter Co., KY..

George and Lucinda had the following children:

Willis Lanford Sparks, born 13 March 1885 in Elliot Co, KY, died 18 September 1975. Willis married (1) Ella Boggs about 1910 in Elliott Co, Ky. Ella died in 1927 in Elliott Co, Ky.. Willis and Ella had four children. Willis married (2) Grayce Brinegar about 1938 in Elliott Co, Ky.. Grayce was born June 3, 1903 and died August 28, 1981 in Elliott Co, Ky..

Reese D. Sparks was born 10 March 1889 in Elliot Co, KY. Reese died 20 June 1918, Killed in Action, Vosges Mountains, France in WWI.

Rosa Belle Sparks was born 13 July 1891 in Gimlet, Ky., and died 1 January 1982. Rosa married Howard Lee Judy on 4 NOV 1919 in Boyd Co, KY.. Howard was born 11 September 1891 in Washington CH, Oh.. Howard and Rosa had one child.

Sarah E. Sparks was born in 1897 and died on 16 November 1993. Sarah married Cecil Gee. They had one child.

George Russell Sparks was born 20 December 1898 in Elliot Co, KY., and died 21 December 1974 in N.Y.. George married Mildred Anna Christen. Mildred was born 15 September 1903 in Albany Co, NY and died November 20, 1983 in New York. They had one child.

Clemmie Sparks was born 3 October 1901 and died 17 MAY 1977 in Olive Hill, Carter Co, KY. Clemmie married Dewey Osborn on 21 November 1939. Dewey was born in 1906 and died in 1968.


On 11 Oct 1874,Nelson and his 12-year-old son,George W.,went to the town of Olive Hill on business.There he met an old friend, Calvin Scott. They had several drinks togeather at a livery stable where Nelson's horses were fed.For some reason, Scott shot Nelson fatally during their visit. It is said as soon as he pulled the trigger, he exclaimed, "I've shot my best friend!" Nelson was in the Union Army during the Civil War.

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