Sherman Sparks

Submitted by  Mike Barker

"Sherman Sparks, June 7,1888 - June 16, 1944, is my grandfather. He is a brother of Lilbourn Everett Sparks and Eddie Sparks whose photos are also on the Carter web site."

Sherman Sparks married Edith Waugh (July 15, 1900 - July 20 1953). They had the following children: Henry Thomas; Hughie; Hazel; Marshall (my Father); Jimmy; Marvella and Janet. The only two living are Marshall and Jimmy. Both Sherman and Edith are buried in Bailey Cemetery along with their children: Henry, Hazel and Marvella.

Sherman is the son of John Jackson Sparks, July 9, 1864 - November 25, 1923, and Sarah Rebecca, 1864 - 1900. They married in 1887. Sherman and Sarah had three daughters: Lucy, Viola and Jane. John Jackson is buried in Ironton Ohio in Sugar Creek Cemetery. Sarah Rebecca is buried in Mauk Ridge Cemetery (She died in 1900 with in a month after Eddie was born. John Jackson remarried again to Margaret Binion. They had children between them.

Sarah Rebecca had one son before she married John Jackson. His name was, Samuel Justin Sparks. His father was William Henderson Sparks, a cousin of John Jackson.

Biographical information submitted by  Darryl Sparks

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