George Washington Staggs

Pictured is George Washington Staggs with Mary Ann "Polly" England. George was born on 17 Oct 1833 in Wood Co. VA (now West Virginia) and died 6 Apr 1920 in Carter Co., Ky. George was the son of George and Jemima (Furr) Staggs. George married "Polly" England circa 1856.

Their children were: John W. England Staggs, Joseph Allen Staggs, Jemima Elizabeth Staggs Mowery, M.S. "Henry" Staggs, Jams Staggs, Tennesse "Tempie" Staggs Potters, Laura Staggs Lore, Alfard Staggs, Etta Margaret Staggs McGinnis and Minnie Staggs Pruitt.

George was a minister who frequently performed marriages. If you look closely at the marriage records of Carter Co., you'll find his name repeatedly as the minister of record.

Submitted by: Sherry Lowe

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