George Washington Stamper (and Sarah Eda McGlone), photo circa 1935

George Washington Stamper, b. 1872 in Carter Co., Kentucky, the son of Andrew Jackson Stamper and Susan Fannin, grandson of John "Pewter John" Stamper and Sarah "Sallie" Stamper.

George m. 14 May 1896 Sarah Eda McGlone b. 8 Aug 1874 in West Virginia, the daughter of Robert Owen McGlone and Miranda Alice Kitchen.

George and Sarah had the following children:

William, George, Bessie, Robert, Myrtle, A.C., Lewis, Roy, Roscoe and Russell.

George died in 1952 and Sarah soon followed on 29 Jul 1953.

At the time of Sarah's death, they had 18 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

Submitted by  Garrett and Sherry Lowe

My grandfather, Warner Austin Stamper (1889-1982) was one of the sons of George Washington Stamper (1856-1952).  
Grandfather wrote a short 3 page biography in 1939 chronicling his family going back to the birth of his great grandfather, 
John "Pewter" Stamper, and this biography was passed down to me by my father, Warner Lester Stamper (1916-2007).

In it he states that his father, G.W., married his mother, Ollie Lyons, on Jan. 2, 1882 in Smokey Valley, Ky.  
G. W. would have been 26.  He goes on to chronicle the families movements and the dates and places his brothers & sisters were born.  
The last home of Ollie & G.W. was in San Antonio, Tx where Ollie died in 1927 when G.W. was 71.  
If he married a second time, it would have been after the age of 71.

According to sources of the Stamper Family Project, G.W. supposedly married Sarah Eda McGlone on May 14, 1896, but that couldn't be so 
since G.W. was still having children during that time with Ollie Lyons.  Clara was born in 1897, and Roy in 1899, & my great Uncle Arthur 
(their last child) in 1902.

Sarah Eda McGlone Stamper's obituary says she was married to a George Washington Stamper, but there seems to be some mystery as to which one, 
and it is no wonder because there are several.  My guess is she married G.W. Stamper born in 1872 who was the s/o Washington Stamper (1838-1908).   
John “Pewter” & Sarah Stamper had a son named Washington Stamper (1838-1908?).  Washington was married three times.  He and his first wife, 
Margaret, had 3 sons, one named George Washington Stamper (1872-?).  

Since Sarah Eda was born in 1874, then the age generation would have been the right one, but I can't prove this.  

Submitted by  Jean (Stamper) Saxton

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