Daniel Whitby Stone (and Nora Lee Hubbard), 1908

Daniel Whitby Stone born April 2, 1882, in Spencer, Henry County, Virginia, son of Peyton Randall Stone and Lucie Catherine Dillon.  Graduated, 1908, Transylvania University, and accepted pastorate at First Christian Church of Grayson from 1909-1910.  He led the congregation in building a new church. The plans and money for the new building were taken care of through Mr. Stone as minister, and Board members William Horton, Captain Steve Nethercutt, George W. Armstrong, and William Holcomb.

Dan married Nora Lee Hubbard December 26, 1910 in Grayson, daughter of Attorney and Judge, John W. Hubbard and Caroline Roadcup.  After tours in Morgantown, West Virginia and central Kentucky Churches, he returned to Grayson to oversee regional Sunday school growth and preach on call in churches throughout the area.   Dan died on December 22, 1963.  Dan and Nora Lee owned and operated the Grayson Frozen Food Locker.  The Locker provided local farmers and residents a place to store their meat and summer vegetables.  The Locker was in operation from 1940-1964.  The building is a local landmark today.  It is on the corner of Main Street and Carol Malone Blvd.

Nora Lee Hubbard was born December 2, 1892 the daughter of Attorney and Judge John N. Hubbard and mother, Caroline Amelia Roadcup.  Nora Lee was the grand daughter of immigrant Johannes (Rathgeb) Roadcup who was born in Canton, Zurich, Switzerland, and became an American Citizen in Carter County 1864.  Nora Lee attended the Grayson Normal School.

Submitted by Carolyn Wilson Dyer

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