Dr. John Quincy Stovall (and Mary Watts), circa 1910

Pictured is Dr. J. Q. Stovall for whom the Carter County's first hospital was named.  This picture appeared in the December 10, 1942 edition of the Sandy Valley Enquirer as part of an advertisement celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Stovall Hospital.
        Dr. John Quincy Stovall was born September 5, 1838, in Henry County, Virginia.  He served in the Eighth Virginia Calvary during the Civil War, and taught school in both West Virginia and Kansas, before returning to enter the medical field.  Dr. Stovall first opened an office in Grayson in 1881.  He died February 8, 1917.
        Dr. James Watt Stovall, son of J. Q. and Mary Watts Stovall, was born April 26, 1882, at Beckley, WV.  Dr. James Watt Stovall actually opened the J. Q. Memorial Hospital in 1927.  Dr. James Watt Stovall was married on March 18, 1908 to Lucie Lewis.

Submitted by  Garrett and Sherry Lowe

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