Chester Tackett

These photos were given to me by William Oscar Tackett, who inherited them from the estate of Chester "Chet" Tackett.

Chet Tackett was a cousin of my father, Leonard Carter, and lived on Carter Branch until circa 1915. I remember him well and carried on a correspondence with him until his death in the mid '80s. He was a wonderful and eccentric person.

Chet lived most of his life near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Frank Carter and Chet Tackett

Chet Tackett, standing on the left.

"Chet Tackett, unknown lady, Arnold Carter, ca1975. Photo was taken in Tampa, Florida (Chet retired there). Arnold Carter was the oldest brother of my father, Leonard Carter."

"Chet Tackett, on horse. Unknown time or place. Believe the woman on the right is Della (Carter) Tackett."

Chet Tackett, double exposure. Unknown place. Suspect this was during WWII era, given the uniform.

Chet Tackett, on Harley. Unknown place. Date is 1945.

Chet Tackett, in the military police, 1942.

"Chet Tackett, Minnie Bark??? (can't read last name), and Goldie Moore. Unknown time, place."

"Chet Tackett, (with convertible). Unknown date or place. He loved convertibles. He owned one when he died."

Levi "unknown" and Chet Tackett.

Left to right:
Raleigh Burton Carter, son of Lafe and Rosena (Burton) Carter;
Curt Carter, son of Frank and Ethel (Burton) Carter;
Chester "Chet" Tackett (son of Steven and Sarah "Sade" (Carter) Tackett.

They were cousins and are all deceased now. Photo was taken in Tampa, Florida, circa 1980.

Submitted by: Joel Carter

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