Polla Tackett

Joseph McDaniel is on the left, holding the baby. Polla is on the far right.

Polla Tackett was born February 12, 1909 in Carter Co., Ky.. She died in August of 1992 in Ohio, and is buried in Union Cemetery Loveland Oh.. Polla married Joseph McDaniel.

Polla was the daughter of Thomas Henry Tackett and Rena Manning Eldridge.

Sharon Farmer wrote: "Can't remember the date. Maybe 1954 or 1955. It was Easter. We had an Easter egg hunt at Aunt Phyllis' house there in Loveland. That's Debbie that Gail is holding. Grandma is holding Steve, so I guess that's Becki that Grandpa has. Patti is in front of Grandpa and Vicki in front of me."

Photo owned by Bill McDaniel

Submitted by: Janet Barras

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