Thomas Henry Tackett

Thomas Henry was the son of Thomas Jefferson Wilson Tackett (1855-192) and Mary Ann (Polly) Hicks. Thomas Jefferson Wilson Tackett was the son of Sherwood Tackett (1835-1907) and Mary Lewellyn Campbell. Sherwood was the son of Moses Tackett (1806-bef 1870) and Rodisa Osborn. Moses was the son of Thomas Tackett (1770-aft.1850). Thomas was the son of John and Sara"?" Tackett.

Thomas Henry Tackett was born May 17, 1877 in Carter Co., Ky. and died July 1, 1959 in Loveland Ohio. He was buried at Union Cem.. Loveland Ohio. “killed Alice's brother in a fight and stood trial for his murder and was aquitted” “My grandfather was a very mild and gentle man and I could never picture him killing a man in a knife fight.” per Joan “All of my Tackett family is from around the Olive Hill Ky area. My grandparents left that area around 1919 or so and moved to Irondale,Ohio-close to East Liverpool on the Ohio river. The last 2 children where born there. Sometime later they moved to Cincinnati, and the older children followed , all except one, who remained in East Liverpool. Also his sister Dicie moved to that area and most of her family lives there to this day.” per Joan

Thomas married (1) Alice Hicks, the daughter of Elijah and Elisha Hicks. Thomas and Alice divorced.

“I am very close to Susan who is the granddaughter of Willa Mae, the only child of Thomas Henry and Alice Hicks. She told me that Alice was very wild and into Black Magic.“

Thomas married (2) Rena Manning Eldridge. Rena was born July 21, 1888 and died Sept. 9, 1975. She is buried Union Cemetery Loveland Oh. Rena was the daughter of Mary Cornett Eldridge and Richard Manning.

Thomas Henry, 2nd. Wife Rena and oldest son James "Jim" Tackett.

Thomas Henry Tackett wearing the peacoat & hat that his son Bud gave him while in the Navy. Photo taken in the mid to late 1940's. Photo owned by Joanie KuyKendall.

Thomas Henry Tackett with an unidentified man at the brickyard in Olive Hill. Ky. Poster behind them is advertizing to save and buy War Wings Stamps. Photo taken about 1917-1918.

Polly McDaniel, Rena Tackett, Tomas Tackett, Joe McDaniel. Photo owned by Janet Barras.

This is the only known picture of my grandmother, Willa Susan Tackett (b. 12-18-1896, d. 6-26-1983)when she was a young child, (at about the age of 9-12 years). I 'm guessing it was about the time her mother, Thomas's first wife, Amanda Alice Hicks, died. Seated next to her is her father, Thomas Henry Tackett (b.5-14-1877, d. 7-1-1950), and behind him is his mother Mary Ann (Pollyann) Hicks Tackett (b. 7-22-1858, d. 12-11-1934). This picture was given to me by Janet Barras. Photo was taken about 1905.

Rev. Harry C. Long was the minister that officiated at Granddad's funeral service. He had this for many years and decided to send it to me a few years ago. I really appreciated receiving it. It lists all of the children except Uncle Jim who died in the early 40's, so add him to the list of children. This should put the family in context for those who didn't know Thomas Henry but had questions regarding his children.

Photo was taken in July 1950.

Aunt Zi received this in the mail. It was sent to her by Phyllis Blankenship. Phyllis is the daughter of Aunt Pene. This is a picture of Thomas Henry Tackett holding his son, James Brewster Tackett. Uncle Jim was born in April of 1905. Photo was taken in 1905 or 1906, probably Olive Hill, Ky..

Photo is owned by Zi Graves.

Uncle Ernest, Aunt Dice and Granddad, Thomas Henry Tackett.

Photo is owned by Zi Graves.

Thomas and Rena Tackett.

I think it was probably taken in Loveland Park, Ohio, in the late 1940's..

Photo is owned by Janet Barras.

Seated are Thomas and Rena Tackett.
I Have no idea who the gentlemen in the back row are.

I think it was probably taken in Olive Hill, Ky.

Let to right and around: Uncle Jim Tackett, Granddad Tackett, My Mother Martha Tackett at the time, Grandma Tackett, aunt Florence Tackett,
Uncle Ish behind Aunt Florence, Aunt Polly McDaniel, Aunt Nell Tackett, Uncle George Tackett, Aunt Thelma Tackett
beside Aunt Florence, Grandma Holbrook in front of Aunt Thelma, Aunt Kate Tackett in center, Bill McDaniel, Glenn Tackett and Marce McDaniel.

I think it was probably taken in East Liverpool, Ohio.

Photo is owned by Peg Daly.

Submitted by: Janet Barras

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