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"This photograph was taken around 1911 or 1912 at the old original Oak Grove Church on Damron Branch in Carter County.
The photograph belonged to my late mother, Kathleen Waggoner Clark.
She was the daughter of Thomas Waggoner (1872-1946) and Fannie Johnston Waggoner (1876-1917).
Fannie is the petite lady wearing a black dress and hat, and is standing on the bottom right in the photograph.
She is holding her daughter, Jewell Marie Waggoner (1911-1983).
Off to the side, her son, Harry Waggoner (1901-1972) stands on the stump.
As an adult, Uncle Harry owned and operated Waggoner's Market on Main Street in Grayson."

Thomas Newton Waggoner,

Reid Damron

"Chloa Waggoner Damron and baby, and Nancy Branum are also in the photo."

"My grandmother, Fannie Johnston Waggoner, was the original organist at the Oak Grove Church.
My grandmother's organ passed down to my mother in the 1930's, and today it is still passing down
through the generations of our family."

"When my grandfather, Thomas Waggoner, died in 1946, his obituary states that at the time of his death,
that he had been a member of the Oak Grove Church for fifty years. He was a farmer and horse trainer.
They made their home on a farm at Stinson Creek."

Submitted by: Robert Clark Stephens

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