Stella Oins Wagner

"My Mother, Stella Oins Wagner at the age of 15. She was the daughter of Albert Sidney Wagner and Lacey Ellen Davis of Olive Hill, Carter Co, Ky, where this picture was taken. They lived at the old Wagner homestead on top of the hill that overlooked Olive Hill and in front of The Tabor Theater. I remember there being a long steep row of steps that led down the hillside to the main street. They have since cut a lot of that hillside away and widened the main street. I hear the old home is still there, but barely. I would love to visit that hill again."

Stella married Willard Franklin Wells on Oct 21, 1939. She was 17 and Dad was 23 years. They were married at the Nazerene Church by Rev J.B. Root, in Olive Hill, Ky.

Willard was the son of, Claude A. Wells (son of Allen Breckinridge Wells) and Willa Mae Susan Tackett (dau. of Thomas Henry b>Tackett and Alice Amanda Hicks, all of Olive Hill, Ky..

Photo was taken in 1937.

Submitted by: Susan Copple

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