Thomas Lester Warlick

Thomas Lester Warlick was the third child of Bertha Zorns and George C. Warlick.

The Warlick's oldest child, Alton was b. in Wise County near Boyd, TX Jan. 14, 1896. His application for a SS account number Dec. 28th, 1936
lists his parents as George Cone Warlick and Bertha Clay Zorns. Bertha's bro. Henry's middle name was also Clay. (I think)
At the time Alton was living in Luling, TX and was self-employed.

The Warlick's 2nd child Elvin, died young and is buried at the Lexington, OK Cemetery (b. June 8, 1897; d. Dec. 9, 1898).
I accidently stumbled onto that grave looking for other surnames.

I have a suspicion that the school class photo that I posted with Susan on the Greer County site several years ago thinking it might
have been the Prosperity School where Effie later taught, may have actually been a school in Lexington, OK.
One of Effie's studio photos was taken at Lexington, OK so I know she was there. I also suspect that she was teaching with
George and Bertha (Zorns) Warlick (they were both teachers). If so, they may be in the front row of that picture.
If in fact that is so, it is the only picture I have of them.

The third child born to this couple was Thomas Lester Warlick. I know very little about him except my father always mentioned that
he was a math genius and graduated from high school at 13. Whether that is fact or fiction I do not know.
In the only letter I have from Bessie who was writing to her sister, Effie about their sister's death (Bertha), Bessie writes,
Alton said she left all the family property which was in her name in a trust fund for Helen (may be a g/dau).
Seems there was a big legal battle about Helen but have no idea what it was about.
He said his dad was going to devote his time to Helen's property and welfare.

Lester and his family are living in San Francisco, Calif. They wired him but he didn't go as he, Marie and the two children visited in the spring.

The Warlicks were living in Greer County in 1910 and teaching. Henry Zorns was also there for a short time along with Effie.
Effie was teaching at the Prosperity School in Brinkman, OK. when she met Frank Boyd.

Submitted by: Marilyn Elliott

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