Golda Marie (Whitt) Osborne

"My maternal grandmother, Golda (Whitt) Osborne (born 10/24/1904) at 16 years (circa 1921). I am uncertain of the exact location but may be in the Upper Tygart area of Carter County.

Golda married William Finley Osborne.

This photo of Golda was taken in the 1920's.

Golda was the daughter of Charles Estill Whitt, and the granddaughter of Dr. Richard Price Whitt.

"I just "discovered" my maternal grandmother, Golda was not given a middle name, although I have seen Marie associated with her.
That was a bit of confusion for me because I never knew she had a middle name when I was growing up.
Turns out she gave herself one when she was probably in her 30's to avoid confusion with another Golda Osborne who was
teaching in the same Carter County school system. It was never legally documented."

Goldie was 23 when she attended Morehead Teachers College (see photo on "Groups" page).
She taught grade school at the old Depression-era WPA-built Upper Tygart up until the summer of 1967 when she officially retired.
Goldie had to go back in the late 1950's and take additional classes at Morehead in order to keep her teaching job.
Apparently the State of Kentucky changed the rules for teacher certification and would not "grandfather" those already actively teaching
regardless of the number of years in the profession.

After retirement her husband, William Finley Osborne (b. 1904 - d. 1994) pulled up roots in Olive Hill and relocated
to Winchester to be near their children, Virginia (my mother), Martha Francis, and William "Doodle" Jr.

Goldie (Whitt) Osborne passed away on July 9, 2006 in Winchester, KY, at the >age of 101.
Her physical health had declined quite severely in the last decade of her life but her mind remained sharp to the end.

Submitted by: Dave Griffey

Golda Whitt as a student at Morehead Tachers College.

Submitted by: Joel L. Carter

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