Sarah Ann Wilburn (and John Park Reeder), circa 1935

Sarah Ann Wilburn was born July 23,1848 in Carter Co. She was the daughter of Rueben Wilburn and Celia James Wilburn.  She married John Park Reeder on Feb. 7, 1868 in Carter Co.  She died Apr.14, 1936 in Carter Co. and is buried at Bowen Chapel Cemetery in Carter Co.  John Park Reeder was born Jan.8, 1846 in Carter Co.  He was the son of Joseph Reeder Sr. and Minerva Hamm.  John Park Reeder died Sept. 5, 1911 in Carter Co.and was buried in Bowen Chapel Cemetery.  This photo was taken in Carter Co.

John and Sarah had nine children, all born in Carter Co.:
George M., born Feb. 10, 1869
James Joseph, born Feb. 9, 1873
Henry Mavity. born Oct.12, 1875
Rebecca Alice, born Mar.3, 1878
Cora E., born Nov. 10, 1880
William Kibby, born June 23, 1881
Russell E., born Oct.9, 1885
Mary Willis, born Mar. 24, 1888
Celia Ethel born Nov.12,1890.

Submitted By Becky Glover Kendall

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