Isaiah "Izer" Wilcox, Jr. and his wife, Mary Frances "Kate" (Marshall) Wilcox, of Willard, Carter Co., KY.

Isaiah Wilcox, Jr. was born in October, 1864 in Carter Co., KY, a son of Isaiah and Sarah Jane "Sallie" (Mullins) Wilcox.

Mary Frances "Kate" (Marshall) Wilcox was born on 26 October, 1870 in Carter Co., KY, a daughter of John and Nancy (Hamilton) Marshall.

They were the parents of Hila Wilcox (wife of George Flynn); Mollie Wilcox; Effie Wilcox (wife of Went Graham);
and Florence Wilcox (wife of Daniel "D. W." McDavid.

Isaiah Wilcox, Jr. died on 21 January, 1943 in Willard, Carter Co., KY.

Mary Frances "Kate" (Marshall) Wilcox outlived her husband by nine years, and died on 28 September, 1952 in Willard, Carter Co., KY.

Submitted by: C. Robinson

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