William Wilcox

"William Wilcox was born on 10 February, 1852 at Robinson Creek, Pike Co., KY,
a son of Samuel and Barbara (Houck) Wilcox.

The Wilcox family moved to Carter Co., KY in the early 1860s, and settled on Deer Creek.

William Wilcox married first on 20 December, 1875 to Ellen Frances Heaberlin,
born 31 May, 1852 in Russell Co., VA, a daughter of Samuel Berry and Martha Jane (Dickerson) Heaberlin.

They were the parents of seven daughters: Lula (1876-1898), married Joseph A. Harris;
Laura (1879-1891); Effie (1881-19 ), married John McGuire; Lottie (1884-19 ), married James Newman;
Bertha (1886-19??), married James McGuire, May (1888-19??), married James McDavid;
Virginia (1894-1941), married (1) William Harrison; married (2) Walter Bronson.

Ellen Frances (Heaberlin) Wilcox died on 28 November, 1895.

William Wilcox married secondly on 12 August, 1899 to Anna Dee Harris,
born 7 March, 1877 in Carter Co., KY, a daughter of James A. and Elizabeth (Salyers) Harris.

Anna was a sister of Joseph A. Harris--husband of Lula Wilcox and a son-in-law of William Wilcox.

William and Anna were the parents of eight children:
William Hamilton (1900-1973); Lena (1902-1982); Jesse Howard (1909-1917);
Mabel Elizabeth (1911-1995), married Buell Arthur Robinson;
Samuel Roscoe (1913-1997); Paul Edward (1915-2002); Frank Leslie (1917-1994); and Herbert Allen (1920-1998).

William Wilcox was a well-known carpenter and Holiness preacher in the Rosedale and Deer Creek area.
This picture was taken about the time of his second marriage in 1899.
He died on 22 April, 1930 on Deer Creek at the age of 78.
His wife, Anna Dee (Harris) Wilcox, died on 30 November, 1941 in Willard.

William Wilcox and his wives were originally buried in the Wilcox Cemetery on Deer Creek.
Their graves were later moved to the East Carter County Memorial Garden Cemetery in Grayson, KY.

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Submitted by: Chris Robinson, a great-grandson of William and Anna D. (Harris) Wilcox"

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