Harvey Hugh Withrow

"Here's a pic I took of my Uncle Hugh Withrow almost 25 years ago. Hugh married my father's oldest sister, Virgie Lee Withrow. Hugh will be 105 years old in December (2005). He has been one of the most loved and respected persons anyone could ever hope to meet."

"I have audio recordings of Hugh, his wife Virgie (now deceased), and Curt Carter (also now deceased) around the time I took this pic and still have those three tapes. I believe his grandson, Rick Withrow, has written notes of stories that Hugh told."

My uncle and aunt, Harvey Hugh Withrow and Virgie Lee (Carter) Withrow.

Photo is from the collection of Rick Withrow.

"The Grayson paper has done yearly articles on Hugh but so far I've been unable to secure whole copies of any of these."

Hugh Withrow.

This was taken, it's believed, in the area of 13th Street Hill, in Ashland, Kentucky, where Hugh lived as a young lad. He told us of remembering the 13th Street Hill as being paved with brick, and when it was icy or wet, seeing the horses that were pulling wagons stumble and fall on the hill.

Photo is from the collection of Rick Withrow.

"This is of Hugh at age 104. This was given me by Helen Everman Withrow, daughter-in-law of Hugh Withrow, and mother of Rick Withrow, who has given me so many pics."

"This photo of Hugh is from the collection of Rick Withrow."

"Celebrating Hugh's 105th birthday."

Hugh Withrow.

Photo was at Hugh Withrow's home on Carter Branch. The house was torn down some years ago.

Submitted by: Joel Carter

"Hugh was my Uncle".

The obituary for Mr. Withrow is on the Obituaries page of this site.

Submitted by: Ben Carter

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