Old farm house overlooking Ky. Route 182

The house is on a hillside north of the highway, about 2 miles east of Pleasant Valley.

The road up to the house was gated and I was not adventurous enough to get closer.

Photos were taken May 30, 2008.

I would appreciate any information concerning this house. - John Grace

The old farm house was my grandma and grandpa's place, John Charles Roe and Norma (Counts) Roe. I thimk they bought the land in 1920's.
The first house burned and this one was built around 1940. They raised 11 children there.
Behind the barn on the right is an old coal mine where they made a living during the depression mining coal.
Dad told me stories about pumping water out of the mine every morning before they went to school.

Jeffrey W. Roe

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